Alexis Villanueva

Featured In:
Sweet vol. 2


Alexis “Doodle” Villanueva has been drawing since she could hold a pencil and collecting comics since the age of five. In 2006 she graduated with honors from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a BFA in Sequential Art and a Minor in Illustration. Jim Lee and the Kubert Brothers are her lifelong inspirations. With a personal comic book collection of over 10,000 she could open up a store, but she prefers to use them for reference and safely guard them in a fireproof cabinet.

Since her days in Savannah, she’s returned to Northern California where she is the Vice President and Lead Artist at a non-profit art academy, The Jagged Lines of Imagination. There she teaches young artists, comic book illustration, inking, concept design, 3-D sculpture, storyboarding, and digital coloring. She loves watching her students grow creatively and become more passionate and confident about their art. House of Doodle (HOD) is her freelance business dedicated to providing creative solutions for companies and individuals teaching private art classes.

Alexis is often a guest speaker at public schools and colleges. She stresses the importance of keeping the arts in school and how kick-ass a woman artist can be. Alexis likes spending time with friends, learning new techniques from fellow artists (especially those using Prismacolors) and throwing down against guys who think they know everything about comics.

Currently, Alexis is preparing for her first artist’s showcase, scouting locations for an HOD home base and venturing into customized apparel and textiles. Next up is moving to Barcelona, Spain where she hopes to perfect her craft. It’s good to be Doodle!