Andrea Morton

Featured In:
Spicy vol.2


While Miss Rea Morton is currently a veterinary technician student, she spent a semester at the Columbus College of Art and Design and finds drawing and appreciating art taking up the majority of her time – the other things being obsessing over canines, learning about forensics, movies, dark video games, and Italian food (eating it). Her favorite kinds of comics to read and draw are slice-of-life, and when she’s not making her own comics, she’s creating new characters to be in those comics, or making pieces of art that act as therapy. She has put a few comics online, but has mostly been working on a few major ones she has not posted.

As for comics and graphic novels, her loyalty lays with anything her friends Ross Campbell and Michelle Silva create, as well as Terry Moore’s  Strangers in Paradise. Artists she enjoys range from the aforementioned to her other friend, Salvatore Schiciano, as well as classic artists like Alphonse Mucha, Van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci, and modern artists such as R. Black.

Other interests include body modifications such as piercings and tattoos, learning about dog breeds, writing and solving mysteries – at least in games. She loves spending time with her two wonderful dogs as well as everyone else’s.

Rea has been drawing her whole life and plans on continuing for the rest of it, which will also be spent cuddling many a canine and fighting for their rights.