Inma R.

Featured In:
Spicy vol.2



Name/nickname: Inma R., Pollito, Gobolino (but you’ll find me as Inma R. mostly!)

Birthday: 19th July 198x

Likes: Drawing, manga, doujinshis, stripes, cute punkish clothes, cats, BL (boy x boy), GL (girl x girl), Wacom, etc.

Dislikes: Stress, intolerance, working on demand, bugs, etc.

Introduction: I started drawing ever since I learnt how to pick up a pencil, but I didn’t decide I wanted to draw manga and only manga till I was around 9. I’ve never been a talented person, all I learnt was from staying at home drawing instead of going out to play with friends. I don’t know how healthy that has been for me, for nowadays I’m not very comfortable around people unless they’re very close friends, but I wouldn’t change my childhood at all. It’s what gave me the little skills I have now! (laughs) I hope to become better from now on. I will keep practicing! I’m publishing mangas in Spain for now (“3×1″ and “O.U.T”), but I hope to be able to publish something abroad someday.