Mara Aum

Featured In:
Spicy vol. 2

Mara Aum was born in Venezuela, South America, but grew up primarily in the Chicago-land area living an unconventional life with an unconventional family. She was encouraged to tell stories and draw at an early age creating a near clinically insane overactive imagination and a near manic need to draw that would make Van Gogh proud. She discovered comics and manga in her early teens, finding them the perfect union of here two all-consuming passions. She even went so far as to mortgage her soul to student loan devils so that she could major in Sequential Art at the Savannah College of Art and Design, where her “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” attitude paid off in her Summa Cum Laude degree.

Mara’s previous work ranges from writing to drawing to inking to toning and to coloring. Her work can be seen in Dark Moon Diary, Adventures in Ai Land, Sea Princess Azuri, and a slew of other titles that would makes this a very long list. Her most current comics work can be seen in the super sexy Silky Pink, part of TOKYOPOP’s Pilot Program at

Mara is living in the American Southwest where she draws and writes, continuously feeding her pathological workaholic addiction until the inevitable family intervention in five or ten years.