Nora Arnette

Featured In:
Sweet vol. 2


Nora Arnette is a writer and an illustrator who resides in the Atlanta area of Georgia. She began drawing and creating stories at the age of 6, but until she reached the lucky age of 13 she didn’t realize that she could do both for a living. Since then, she’s stuck to it.

She has the basic profile of a 12 year old boy. She likes Power Rangers, finds something hysterically sexual in almost everything, screams, “That’s what she said!” when she finds it appropriate, and at 5′ 2″, she’s shorter than most girls her age.

Despite being like a 12 year old boy, she isn’t 12. In fact, on her 18th birthday, her father gave her a birthday card that read “The Cake is REAL” on the inside, making him the coolest dad EVER.

Nora owes everything to her friends Lauren and her mom, Deb, Josiah, Sarah, Jessica Marie, Mini Matt, Colin, her family, and her teachers.