Sarah "Shinji" Myer

Featured In:
Sweet vol. 1, Sweet vol. 2, Spicy vol.2


Shinji graduated Summa Cum Laude from the savannah College of Art and Design in 2008 with a BFA in Sequential Art. With a passionate interest in anime and manga, Shinji strives to make a career from creating her own comics as an American artist who is heavily influenced by the Japanese style of storytelling. Though this ambition is neither realistic nor easily achieved, with the profound support and mentorship from Bob Pendarvis and all of her friends, it just may be a reality for Shinji someday!

Shinji describes her work as being largely driven by whatever she is feeling at the moment...there is no set rule for what style Shinji uses, though she has her favorites. Shinji's favorite mediums to work include: technical pen, Prismacolor/Copic markers, nib pen and ink, traditional comic screentones, watercolor and inkwash, as well as a few more traditional drawing/sketching tools such as conte crayon and graphite/charcoal media. In addition to comics and illustration, Shinji enjoys life drawing and observational drawing as well. She has recently started to explore digital inking, toning and coloring using Photoshop, but has no plans to quit using manual/traditional techniques anytime soon!

She has been attending anime conventions since Otakon 1998 and has been doing Artist Alley off and on since 2003. You can find Shinji either behind an art table or wandering around in costume at Animazement, otakon, Dragon*Con, Anime Weekend Atlanta, Katsucon, and more to come in the future!